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Log Saws and Processors

Log Saws and Processors
Log Saws and Processors

The Lumag brand is known throughout Europe for the professional quality and affordable price. They have a wide variety of Log Saws and Processors including Firewood Processors, Band Saw Mills and Log Saws.

Their Firewood Processors are a chainsaw, log splitter and conveyor belt all rolled into one. In the first step the trunks and/or large branches are cut to your desired length (up to a maximum of 55 cm) and then dropped down into the splitting chamber.These lengths are then split 1 or 2 ways, depending on how the knife is set, and then carried along the conveyor. The splitting process is carried out simultaneously with the next sawing operation. These machines allow you to saw and split logs safely, quickly and easily in one working step.

The Band Saw Mills enable you to quickly and easily saw large trunks into wooden planks or beams up to 5 m in length (6.95 m with extension). These machines are easy to use and are designed for use with smooth, dry and hard wood.

The Log Saws enable you to “ring up” trunks and branches in a safe and efficient manner without the need to spend all day doubled over with a chainsaw. All of the Log Saws include a FREE blade worth up to £185.00.

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