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Useful Information

All chainsaw chains are marked with a manufacturers code on one side of the drive link – this number identifies the type of chain your saw uses.

Next you’ll need to measure how long your chain is – please don’t use a tape measure as your chain will have stretched over time. Simply count the number of drive links.


Identify parts of a chainsaw chain

There are four basic components of saw chain 

  1. Cutter
  2. Rivet
  3. Drive Link
  4. Tie Strap





Parts of a CutterIdentify Parts of a Chainsaw Chain 2

  1. Top Plate
  2. Cutting Corner
  3. Slide Plate
  4. Depth Gauge
  5. Gullet
  6. Toe
  7. Heel
  8. Rivet Hole
  9. Clearance Angle
  10. Depth Gauge


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