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Find your model/serial number

Finding your product's model and serial number.

Domestic Machinery.

 A tag similar to this one is located on your domestic small lawn mower product. 


Turf Machinery.

 This is a picture of a Toro model and serial number plate on all turf machinery. 

You should be able to find a model and serial number plate that looks similar to this one on your type of machine. 
On most plates, the model number is followed by a hyphen, and then the serial number is listed. 


Review the sample images below to help identify the location of the model and serial number plate on your machine. 
Due to the various product configurations these plates may be placed in a somewhat protected area (not readily visible). 
Most plates will be attached to a main frame member.
Some products, such as riding mowers and commercial equipment, have more than one tag: one tag for the rider or traction unit and another tag for the attachment. 

Example Locations.

Walk-behind Mowers:

 Look between the wheels on top of the frame on the back of the machine.

Riding Greensmowers:

 Locations vary on these machines based on vintage. Check under the seat area or on the main frame just above the rear steer wheel, or on the right-hand frame member near the wheel brake and somewhat behind and below the driver's right foot.

Workman Vehicles:

 These plates are under the dashboard area and may be in the centre (as shown) or on either the right or left-hand side.

Multi Pro Sprayers:

 Look for the plate on the left-hand side of the operator's compartment (near the driver's left knee area) or on the chassis near the battery on the left side.

Groundsmasters and Reelmasters:

 Placement varies based on model. Look first in the area directly behind the operator's left knee, on the firewall.

 Another location is on the front frame extension to the left of the driver's feet.

Other Non-Riding Product:

 Look on the main frame structure in an open, yet damage-protected area. The ProForce Blower is shown.

 The ProCore 648 Aerator is shown.

If you cannot find your product's model and serial number tag then please contact us
Sometimes you simply cannot find the tag or the tag has been damaged, making the model and serial number unreadable.
Send us pictures of your product, the product name, the engine manufacturer, the engine's model and type numbers if possible, and any other information and we will do our best to identify your machine.

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