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Obsolete Parts (For Reference)

GGP (Global Garden Products) owns one flagship brand, STIGA, and four renowned regional brands: Alpina, Mountfield, Atco and Castelgarden.

We are authorised GGP dealers and only supply genuine spare parts for all GGP machinery. If the part you require is not on our website or you are unsure which model you have, please contact us on 01594 810746 - we are happy to help! If you know the part number you are looking for please enter it into the search bar at the top of the page.

Brand: GGP Family Model: 1134-7657-01
"Accessory Attachment Assy (20"" Wheel", 1134-7657-01. Use 1135-3003-01..
Brand: GGP Family Model: 1134-7658-01
"Accessory Attachment Assy (23"" Wheel", 1134-7658-01. Obsolete..
Brand: GGP Family Model: 8211-3048-01
"Assy Instruction Tire Chains 16-18""", 8211-3048-01. Obsolete..
Brand: GGP Family Model: 1911-3224-01
"Bar (12""-3/8Minix0.050""-1,3 Mm)", 1911-3224-01. Obsolete..
Brand: GGP Family Model: 1911-3230-01
"Bar (13""-325X0.050""-1,3 Mm)", 1911-3230-01. Use 4112650..
Brand: GGP Family Model: 1911-3227-01
"Bar (13""-325X0.058""-1,5 Mm)", 1911-3227-01. Use 4112660..
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