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We are authorised Kawasaki dealers and only supply genuine spare parts for all Kawasaki Engines.  If the part you require is not on our website, please contact us on 01594 810746 and we can order it for you.

If you know the part number you are looking for please enter it into the search bar at the top of the page.

If you are unsure which model you have or you can't find the part you are looking for then please contact us on 01594 810746.  

Brand: Kawasaki Model: KM110610862
Kawasaki Crankcase Cover Gasket, P/N 11061-0862 (previously known as 11061-0743)..
Brand: Kawasaki Model: KM592312099
Kawasaki Filler, P/N 59231-2099 (previously known as 59231-7004)..
Brand: Kawasaki Model: KM211712267
Kawasaki Ignition Coil Assembly, P/N 21171-2267..
Brand: Kawasaki Model: KM160732240
Kawasaki Insulator / Intake rubber, P/N 16073-2240..
Brand: Kawasaki Model: KM920497008
Kawasaki Oil Seal, P/N 92049-7008Height (h): 9 mmInside diameter (da): 28 mmOutside diameter (d2): 44 mm..
Brand: Kawasaki Model: KM110612211
Kawasaki Pipe Intake Gasket / Inlet Gasket, P/N 11061-2211..
Brand: Kawasaki Model: KM110612210
Kawasaki Rocker Case Gasket / Topping Lever Gasket, P/N 11061-2210..
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